What is phone tracking? How does it work?

What is phone tracking? How does it work?

Are you afraid that you might lose your cell phone one day and hence lose all your contacts, messages, and important information? Do you get worried each time you are not able to find your phone even for a few seconds? If yes, then a phone tracking system can essentially put your mind at ease. To know about phone tracking, read on… Phone tracking primarily refers to achieving the current position of a cell phone, whether moving or stationary. This service makes easy for the users to backtrack their cell phone number so that they are able to locate from where the call is originating as well as other significant call related info.

With this service, not only you can recover a lost/stolen phone, but also keep track of loved ones and other family members. In fact these days a lot of people are getting interested in using mobile phone tracking services, especially for spying.
Some time back, cell phone tracking was limited to a few phones only. However with time, the need for GPS system has been realized and one can now find this system being installed in all the latest, cell phones being launched.
How Does it Work?
When we talk about phone tracking, it is quite clear that it is no longer a difficult task. We refer to phone tracking in real time by legal means. So each time you use your phone, the nearest tower receives some data, which ultimately allows the precise routing of incoming calls. It is these towers which keep record of all minute details, signal’s strength, as well as the place from where these signal come.
It becomes a cakewalk to find out the location of the cell phone within a considerable range. Only a network provider would be able to help you with this.

Nevertheless, with the ingress of Global Positioning System (GPS), the process of phone tracking has become much easier. Now you need to install software in the cell phone that you need to track, and make it GPS enabled. With a GPS enabled system, you can easily locate the cell phone and its exact position on a computer’s map. Real time tracking can be done swiftly with a GPS enabled phone.
In case you have been getting suspicious about your children’s whereabouts lately, you can use cell phone tracking for the same. Even advanced cell phone tracking can be used to collect data in real time. Such software can even give you information about the exact time when your child over speeds. While most cell phones come with a GPS integration facility, but the ones which don’t have it as a standard feature can install it on their phone. For tracking a cell phone, a number of services are available. You need to buy a new cell phone that is GPS enabled like BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Motorola, and confirm that the network has GPS capability. Verizon and Sprint/Nextel are two of the service providers. Now on your computer, you can go to the service provider’s website and log in. Download the software and connect the phone you wish to track. Just follow the instructions and load GPS tracking software and activate it. And it’s done!
There is also another way in which a cell phone can be tracked. It can be tracked with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). All GSM and WCDMA phones have this unique number, which discriminates valid devices. One can find this number below the battery compartment. It is basically 16 or 17 digit number that can help you find the location of your cell phone.
How Can I Benefit From It?

Cell phone tracking has become an imperative part of the telecommunication network these days. In fact GPS technology has only added to the benefits. Now there are quite a lot of situations in which you can draw benefit from cell phone tracking. Some of them are:
1) Locating a Lost or Stolen Phone: You are enjoying a great weekend in a garden and suddenly you realize your cell phone is missing? You don’t need to fret as you can easily locate it with the cell phone tracking service.

2) Check on Your Child/Spouse: Now you don’t have to keep on waiting for your child to come back home from his tuition! Or if you doubt his habits and company lately, you can keep track on him. Know where he goes, what he does, and at what speed he drives his vehicle, with cell phone tracking software. You can confidently send your child outside with his friends, when you know you have his location with you all the time.

In case you suspect your spouse of cheating on you, use this software to confirm your doubts. Know whether she has been secretly eloping with someone behind your back or not.

3) Track Your Friends: Have fun with your friends and keep sharing about your whereabouts and know about their check in easily with this software. For a good social life, you must have cell phone tracker installed. And even in the crowded locations, you can locate them in a hassle free manner.

4) Business Management: If you are busy boss and you don’t have time to keep an eye on the minute by minute details of your employees, it is best to make use of a cell phone tracking software. You’ll get to know where they spend most of their time and that too without any fuss. And when you are sending your employees for some work outside the office, you can even know about the speed at which they drive their vehicle. You can even find out the lost and stolen company phones with the help of cell phone tracking.

5) Emergency Services: If an uninvited danger gets you in trouble, you can instantly send your location to your friends, family members, or closed people so that they can track your whereabouts and get you out of the trouble.

All-in-all, cell phone tracking can be really beneficial for people from all walks of life. However, one must respect privacy of another, and use such software only when need be. With this technology, you get the power to monitor each bit of information that is received and sent out from the phone.
Cell phone tracking definitely serves as a surveillance tool. It gives your parents a peaceful state of mind; company owners the ability to keep a check on your activities; and friends to keep in touch with you socially. Moreover, it can come handy at the time of emergency times. So, you definitely can draw a lot of benefits from this software.