Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Tracking

Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Tracking

These days’ cell phones come with a lot of features and apps. Some phones even come with the facility of cell phone tracking. GPS Phone tracking is primarily an advancement because of which people can keep a track of others location and activity in a hassle-free manner. Even GPS phone tracking offers you the facility to know the direction and speed of the vehicle.

There are numerous controversies that surround the whole concept of tracking. Regardless of the social status, one gets really particular about their privacy. No one would obviously like his whereabouts to be tracked by other person easily. Some even get worried about the stalkers who may impose harm. Where on one hand there are a lot of privacy related disadvantages, on the other hand there are a number of advantages as well. First, let’s discuss about the pros of GPS cell phone tracker in a phone.

1) If you are a working parent then keeping an eye on activities of your child might become a tough job. And when your child is not giving healthy signs, i.e. not showing interest in studies, ignoring his school, or staying out late all the time, it is recommended to choose GPS tracking of his cell phone. If his cell phone is already provided with GPS facility, then you just need to connect it with the computer and make it work. And if not, you can simply install a GPS cell phone tracker and then easily track your child. You can find out all the whereabouts of your child, including his location, time to time update with ease. With this you can know if your child is there only where he told you he was heading to.

2) Do you think your spouse has been cheating on you? Are you getting sleepless nights just because your spouse has been spending a lot of his time outside the house? If yes, then you don’t have to worry any more. Within the comforts of your home, you can sit and know if your spouse has been lying to you all this while or not! For example, if your spouse tells you that he has an appointment with his doctor in the afternoon, you can find out with the help of the tracker if your spouse has visited the area in which the doctor puts up or not. In fact you can even land up to the location where the GPS has been showing his marks and confront him then and there, which leaves no scope for arguments or justification. What more, you can not only track location of your spouse, you can also read his texts. Both the sent messages and received ones can be read. Moreover, the deleted ones can also be read. You don’t have to dial random numbers from the phone bill to find out whom your spouse has been cheating on with! It is also possible to know about each and every phone call made or received on your spouse’s number.

3) Cell phone tracking comes really handy at the time of emergency. It is one of the most helpful features of GPS tracker that makes it easier for the person in trouble to send his nearest location to someone. You can be easily located in the times of emergency. So the rescue personnel can find you effortlessly by finding the estimate of your location.

4) You can track your stolen or missing phone easily with the help of GPS cell phone tracker. As the technology is advancing, newer phones are coming in the market and hence they are becoming easy target for thieves. This is the common reason why many high-end phones come with the facility of GPS tracker, which help you find regular updates of the current location of your phone. So when you know where your phone is, you will never lose it.

5) With cell phone tracking facility, you can easily stay in touch with your friends. So socializing becomes easier with the help of GPS tracking. You can share your location with your friends and family constantly and brag about all the places you are visiting. So if your friend has updated that he is in a certain area, and by chance you are also in that area, you can locate him and catch him instantly.

6) If you own a travel company and you constantly need to keep a tab on your employees who do field job, it is recommended to use a cell phone tracker. It would make it easier for you to know where exactly your employees are, have they been secretly running away from their daily tasks, and at what speed they have been driving the company’s vehicle. You can know their exact locations as well. Apart from this, it is also possible to keep a tab over the phone calls made and messages sent from the company’s phone.

These are some of the advantages of installing GPS cell phone tracker in your cell phone. Not only can you stay safe, but also your family will always have an idea where you are all the time. Your friends can keep in touch with you. Also, you will never lose your cell phone! So it is advisable to have a GPS tracker in your cell phone. Now let’s focus on the disadvantages of cell phone tracker.
1) You must be informed about a fact that cell phone tracking is not legal. You need to legally inform a person that you are tracking him. And if not, then it is illegal and an action can be taken.

2) There are other limitations to cell phone tracking as well. When the phone is off, it is not possible to track someone’s location. Since most of the people have an idea about tracking, the ones who abduct can get free from this situation. It is easy to disable the setting of the phone that has a tracker by a feature that is mostly called as “hide”.

3) There are a lot of phones which only allow one to track their phones in the emergency times. And a lot of people have no idea about this feature as manufacturers do not make this option easy.

4) There can be another problem related to reception of signals in the phones. It might so happen that the signals get lost in front of tall buildings, forested terrain, and so on.

5) You might check-in that you are out of town or out of the house for some time. And this provides an opportunity to the thieves to rob your house.

6) Invasion of one’s privacy is the biggest downside to this amazing technology.

Though cell phone tracking is a great technology, it still has a lot of limitations to it. You might not always be right using cell phone tracker for your own enjoyment. But in somber cases, like keeping an eye on your child, keeping a track of your employees or finding the truth about your spouse’s secret phone calls, cell phone tracking can come as a great help. You can turn into a detective next time you have any doubt on your child, spouse, or employees. The bottom line is, cell phone tracking has both pros and cons. It is on the consumers to decide whether using cell phone tracking as a spying option is good or bad.